Seminar on Recent Topics of Surface Physics

Mo. 10.00 Uhr, RH5 SR
*SFB-Kolloquium, Mi. 15.30 Uhr, RH5 KlHs,
bzw. Do. 17.15 Uhr, HS C, Chemie
Date Speaker Title
05.10.2023 Yuto Fukushima (ISSP, Tokyo) Electronic band structure of Bi(111) surface studied by pump-probe SARPES
08.11.2023 *Per Helsing, Chalmers University of Technology Superconducting circuits, from artificial atoms to quantum computers
15.11.2023 *Carsten Weber, Carl Zeiss AG Hunting the picometer – Most accurate mirrors of the world
22.11.2023 *Annette Köhler, University of Bayreuth Organic electronic materials for today and tomorrow
13.12.2023 *Stefan Mathias, University of Göttingen Excitonics at the Space-Time-Limit
17.01.2024 *Paul Erhart, Chalmers University of Technology From atomic scale modeling via machine learning to experiments
31.01.2024 *Alexander Föhlisch, Potsdam University & Helmholtz Centre Synchrotron radiation as a modern tool in materials science
14.02.2024 *Bernadette Kunert, IMEC Leuven Towards 6G communication networks
09.02.2024 Tim Bergmeier Extremely non-perturbative THz-nonlinearities in semiconductors
25.03.2024 Marleen Stallberg Spatio-temporal imaging on the nanoscale – my research experience at CU Boulder

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